My name is Nine…009


     I’m like the coolest dog in the world. I’m thin, small, a unique look and I’m gray with only my masculine chest full of white fur. People love to touch me and I know why…I have no hair, it’s just my soft and gentle skin that you can feel. No! Of course I don’t shave! I’m like this because I have a very rare condition named follicular dysplasia.

     My mommy says I’m one of a kind; she looks at me sometimes and says “my precious” just like Gollum, you know that weird voice… she gives me the creeps! She’s crazy for me and I’m crazy for her, she’s my mommy.

     I don’t remember much about my story… I guess it doesn’t have much beauty to it… I remember living on the streets. I also remember people using me like if I was a tennis ball… hey, I’m not! I lived in a shelter for about four years. I was like the most famous dog there, the dog with no hair, everybody knew my name, and I got a lot of biscuits just because I’m that cute! I’m Nine, 009. I’m so damn weird that I even participated in an adoption campaign.

     I guess it was fate. For all those years, despite everybody knowing me, no one wanted to take me home. I was just one of the six hundred homeless guys there, dreaming of being part of a family, until… something changed. I got a sponsor! Wow I was so happy! Someone had decided to support my expenses, my daily medication and even take me to walk around. My mommy… It was love at first sight, she said. She called me “little mouse”.

     She came to visit me every weekend. She would come to my room, put me on the leash and there we went, walking around and then sit by the car, where she gave me cookies, lots of them. Saying goodbye was so hard, why couldn’t she take me with her? Later on she told me she already had two big ladies at home and she was afraid that something could go wrong, as I’m a delicate guy, you know.

     After some months of this amazing new love I had found, one day she came crying, she hugged me like crazy, I almost suffocated. Why was she so sad? I couldn’t understand. Then I heard her talking to one of my caretakers. Someone wanted to adopt me… and it wasn’t my mommy… what the hell?! My mommy was crying, saying she was thinking a lot about bringing me home and now it was too late… she was devastated… Damn, I was devastated! I loved her so much that every time we had to say goodbye I’d crawl her legs like a Koala on a tree, that’s how much I loved that crazy person!

     As I said before, fate, destiny… we were meant to be together. My caretaker said “if something happens and the adoption doesn’t go through, he’s all yours”. And guess what… the family that was supposed to pick me up on that Sunday… they never came… I have a theory that my mommy made them disappear from the planet… that’s how much she loves me! Nah, I know she didn’t, she can’t harm a fly… but I can! I’m a fly-catcher.

     And so, they started preparing everything. They organized some walks with my new sisters. Damn, they were hot! You can’t imagine how special I felt with them, one on each side. I was Nine, 009 with my hot bitches, one on each side. A white gorgeous pitbull at my right and a brown hot and stylish Amstaff at my left side, my sisters… Now I was a real special agent with license to bark!

     We did these walks a couple of times and then the amazing day came. It was time to go home. They had just moved to a new huge house, with a terrace for us all to play, a warm bed and a cozy couch to watch TV… and friends, lots of human friends.

     In case you’re wondering why I my name is Nine. I’m not just a number. Thing is that the shelter where I lived had hundreds of guys like me. I guess the day I arrived, delivered by a gentle soul who realized I was not a tennis ball; they were just so overwhelmed with so many other situations that they decided to name me after that day, the 9th of February. My mom decided to keep my name, as I was already so famous for it but she also calls me little bat, little rat or simply, just kid. And I love all those names.

     I don’t want to remember my past. I live in the present and I see my glorious future as special. I never imagined a love like this existed, but it does. I was not a puppy. I was already seven years old when they took me home, a retired special agent with daily medication for all my life. They understood how special I was, and they love the fact that I am unique; four years have passed in my new life and I’m still their baby and let me tell you as they’re not listening… I own that place, I’m the king! I’m Nine, 009… I’m part of a family that loves me.

Come on, just look at me…I’m damn cute!