Special People in the World

  For the ones reading me  – probably at this stage, not so many 🙂 – I’m deeply sorry for my absence. Finding the time to sit, relax and share my thoughts can be quite challenging.


  I usually struggle a bit (ok… to be honest, I struggle a lot…) with many things that happen all around our world. People hurting others (especially animal cruelty makes be mad…), people losing their sense of what it means to be human and kind, having passion and specially compassion towards others and so on…

   However, from time to time, I come across something special that confirms that it makes sense to be positive, believe in something good and continue hoping that things may change for better in a near future. This hope comes from special people like the one I’ll be sharing with you today, little Tiana, a four-year old.

  I hope this warms your heart as it warms mine. There is no book, no life experience that could teach this girl to express the way she did. She’s pure magic, a very special and spiritual human being with already so much to teach us all.

  People like Tiana have the power to change the world for better!

Enjoy 🙂

Thank you Tiana


P.S. Just in case you want to learn Portuguese, you can practice with the subtitles 🙂